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For Emerging Leaders

Acquire the Timeless Skillset of Decision-Making

No one knows the future of work. Don’t shrink your career by learning only domain skills.

Outsmart, Not Outwork

For emerging leaders like you, brute force won’t cut it. You only have so many hours a day. Leverage matters.

Learn from the Mistakes of the Best

Don’t fall for the Myth of Failure. Failure is painful and expensive. Learn what the very best have already figured out.

About Me

Hi–I’m Satyajit Rout. I help organizations, founders, and emerging leaders improve the quality of their decisions. Over time I’ve realized that making better decisions at work permeates all areas of our lives. I hope it’ll be the same for you.


Decentralising decision making continues to be one of the most significant challenges for a Founder and Leadership Team. Satyajit helped us deep dive into the dispositions and the roadblocks that impact decision making. It has significantly helped in building agility across the organisation.

- Mainak Roy, Founder and CEO of Simple Education Foundation

Your one-stop-shop guide to hone your decision making skills. No matter where you are in your career, or what type of problem that you're facing, the decision making frameworks offered here will help build both the quality of your decision outputs and velocity of decision making. One of my favorite callouts that Satyajit mentions is Jeff Bezos' framing of decisions as one-way doors (non-reversible and highly consequential) vs. two-way doors (reversible, and potentially not as consequential). If you're someone who likes to constantly improve yourself like me, this ebook is for you. Grab a cup of coffee, your favorite notebook, and dive right in.

- Mike Alcazaren, Senior Technical Product Manager - Sustainability, Amazon

The clarity of thoughts that Satyajit had while explaining the situations stood out the most. The situation discussed were very relevant and allowed a moment of deep personal reflection for me.

- Joyee Sarkar, MD, PostCare.AI


Upgrade your learning with our curated ebooks and toolkits, designed to help you excel in decision-making and management. Learn how to navigate middle management challenges, make smarter decisions, and frame your decisions for success with our expertly crafted resources.

How to Make Smart Decisions

How to Make Smart Decisions

Do the decisions on your plate leave you confused and stressed? Learn how to make smarter decisions stress-free.

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Decision Framing Toolkit

Decision Framing Toolkit

Bring clarity to complex situations and make informed choices with our decision framing toolkit.

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Middle Manager Playbook

Middle Manager Playbook

Chart a path to upper management by learning from real-world middle managerial situations.

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Things I Believe In

"The problem isn’t our people. It’s not our leaders either. It’s our operating system. Get that right, and the organization runs itself."

- Aaron Dignan

Founder of The Ready and author of Brave New Work

Things I Don’t Believe In

The inefficiency is the point of doing the thing most meaningful to you.

Independence is a poor goal in adult life. Interdependence is a far better one.

When someone in your team says they want to do new things, they don’t want that.

SMART goals can cause terrible damage to your team and org.

Low-hanging fruits carry the least juice while enduring the most gravity; the highest fruits are the exact opposite.

Someone who appears too lazy to change is most likely too exhausted.

AI will not leave us jobless.

In most companies, hiring talent mimics buying a boring car.

Problem prevention beats problem solving any day of the week.

Decision framing is the single biggest exec skill that is lacking across the board.

Helping someone understand themselves better always beats giving them feedback.

Bottling our feelings doesn’t help; neither does talking about them.

In almost any negotiation, Win-Win or No Deal is better than Win-Lose.

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