The Middle Manager Playbook

Middle Manager Playbook


If life as a middle manager feels outside your comfort zone, you’re not alone. In this playbook, I show you a way to...

  • Not get crushed under to-do lists
  • Not agonize over what to say to your team
  • Not struggle to own decisions that are handed down

And in the process, you learn to:

  • Work smart and not burn out
  • Manage communication down the ranks
  • Get the team to grow from stressful situations, and much more

This playbook will help you navigate middle management. Across 14 relatable managerial situations, it will show you good habits that you can cultivate to manage your time and energy, build a champion team, have an impact, and do the hard things right.

If you’re a middle manager, you will find yourself in one or more of the described situations more often than not. And whether you’re in marketing or engineering or sales or operations, there’s something in The Middle Manager Playbook for you.

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